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My opinion on the Beta...I didn't realize they repackaged homefront's shit engine for Moh..I know I dont have a uber top end TV but battlefield looks good, this game looks horrible. I honestly refuse to believe this is Frostbite 2 with alleged improvements, and I'm sorry when the B3 beta hit yes it was buggy as all hell but it did LOOK good there's no way a simple hd texture pack would make this game look good. I think it SUCKS having enemies red outlined, this isn't L4D2 I'd be ok with it if it were a entry level helper but so far from what I've read it's a built in fire team support assist. I can't stand how you die in 1 shot most times, that's gonna be annoying. The levels seem way too small to justify chopper gunners, the menu sucks because the font is so small I can't read it not to mention it seems extremely cluttered. Oddly enough the beta didn't crash til I played for 2 hrs and then quit to dash then it locked my box...whatever imo this was a poor move by Ea or danger close because now I'm taking back my preorder.
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