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I really try to enjoy the beta, but I frequently get server disconnects. I feel only due to my high luck in my stats I manage to complete a game. I seem to get randomly disconnected a little more the 50% of games I play, which makes it difficult to enjoy it. I really hope the beta is a server stress test, since the problem isn't on my end.

Spawning system REALLY needs improvement or be redesigned, since "Fallback" option seems to mean either spawn where the enemy is clustered or next to your current objective.(More spawn points needs to be enabled?). I dislike the forced spawn, when your buddy shoots your killer dead. You instantly spawn and then one second later you and your buddy is dead, since there where more than one individual attacking you in the first place.

Secondary weapons for the different classes need to be more balanced or customisable. Seriously 9mm pistol or shotgun?

Pointman might need some nerfing, you can really rape with that rifle/shotgun combo + armour-piercing.

Accuracy seem to be really off on some weapons, initial shot/burst seems to be fine, but any follow up shot/burst seem to go way off target. Might be due lag, really weird bullet drop or the fact it's a beta.

I loved the fixed the clipping issues from walls, for example in BF3: where you could prone/crouch and character's body would still stick out the wall, thus clipping it.

I acknowledge this still is just a beta, but I will need more convincing if I am to buy the game. Since it felt worse than the BF3 beta, which also had it's issues(but just for a general comparison), it got me a bit worried about the full retail experience, which the BF3 Beta didn't. I really hope it's an early build beta and that the game still will turn out fine.(it made me start playing BF3 more regularly, I'll give it that )
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In that case, people will have to download more RAM for it. Consoles have come a long way since they first appeared, so this is very possible.
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