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Making a comeback..

That's right, Vietnam is making a comeback! Played several games this past week and it seems like players are finally realizing how fun this addon is. While it may be hard to find enough players for a specific map or game mode at the moment I do believe the numbers are increasing more each day.
At the time of this post it seems like Conquest on Hardcore seems to be the most popular, and more specifically the maps Phu Bai Valley and Operation Hastings.
So, if anyone is feeling discouraged about dishing out the $15 for this awesome addition, please take the chance. The amount of players who are currently on the fence could probably make the difference between the currently low numbers and having 12v12 matches.
(And to those who think it is overpriced, well, it has flamethrowers... enough said? It really does feel like a completely different game.)
Happy Hunting!

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