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Originally Posted by Suedon70 View Post
It's a shame that I won't be able to complete this, but what can I do? I came to Xbox gaming just last year so I've been picking up older games like this, not realizing that some companies shut down their servers after a certain period of time.

I do like this game and hope to obtain all but the impossible ones....
Yeah, EA's policies aside, it could be worse. At least you can get over 1K GS from the single player/Co-op modes. Not to mention that this game is really, really fun. Don't bother getting the SSC Challenge DLC, as they are all MP achievements. Definitely get the Veteran's Map Pack. It's cheap (I paid 80 MSP for it like 2 years ago, but I've heard people say it is free now. If so, even better ), and most of the achievements are attainable via SP or Co-op. I'll take 1005 GS. I've heard of games where you get screwed out of 600, 800 GS. The fact that this game is as fun as it is, plus you can get over 1K on it (even if you can't complete it officially), make it a definite must buy/keeper.

Note: if you can get a friend over to the house for some co-op, definitely do that. The aggro system is easier to utilize (with a little communication), because you don't have to worry about the other guy not taking cover where you want him to, or him charging kamikazi style into a hornet's nest of heavily armed guards, stuff like that. Co-op is where this game truly shines. It is Army of TWO, after all.

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