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Originally Posted by Benny34 View Post
Awww you can't play a game that takes skill, aww i am sorry i see you play mw3. lol.
Awww you get butthurt much because someone doesn't like your favorite game. Awww.

I will even guess we don't share similar tastes in music, food or movies but who gives a ****, eh? Go play your crap, I'll play my crap and we don't even have to sit next to each other at the Game of the Year awards. BTW: your favorite game <insert game name here> loses.

The beta is full of spawn camping, buggy gameplay and poor map design. The menus are cumbersome and the graphics are weak. It lacks the vehicle combat that makes BF3 even moderately bearable. The game plays like Battlefield and Homefront's inbred love child.

The OP asked for thoughts, there they are. You don't like them; nobody cares. Post your thoughts on the game and sell its virtues.
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