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Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post
World Traveler 50
Discovered all named locations

This achievement will unlock once you've found every single location and area in the game. Also remember you have to uncover all the dark areas. Other than the lists above, here are the rest of the locations you'll need to find and a picture of the [WORLD MAP].

Windshear Waste
  • Claptrap's Place
Southern Shelf
  • Liar's Berg
  • Gateway Harbor
  • Wreck of the Ice Sickle
  • The Souring Dragon
Southern Shelf Bay
  • Ice Flows
  • Ebonfloe
  • Blackburn Cove
Southpaw Steam & Power
  • None
The Dust
  • Boot Hill
  • Ellie's Garage
  • Old Dahlwell Oasis
  • Moonshiner's Shack
  • Goose's Roost
  • Hodunk Speedway
Bloodshot Stronghold
  • Rat's Nest
  • Satan's Suckhole
Bloodshot Ramparts
  • Shrine of the Gunbringer
Friendship Gulag
  • None
End of the Line
  • Snowblind Defile
  • Terminus Plateau
The Fridge
  • The Rat Maze
  • Crystal Claw Pit
  • Frigid Cleft
  • The Rakk Cave
  • Icemaw Grotto
  • Stalker Hollow
Fink's Slaughterhouse
  • Fink's Slaughter Factory
The Holy Spirits
  • Ale Wee Cavern
Caustic Caverns
  • Oozing Discharge
  • Dahl Deep Core 06
  • Rumbling Shore
  • Nether Hive
  • Varkid Ramparts
  • Abandoned Mining Site
  • Infested Warehouse
  • Guardian Ruins
The Bunker
  • None
Control Core Angel
  • None
Ore Chasm
  • None
Hero's Pass
  • Guardian Slag Heap
  • Emergency Supply Cache
  • Drift Mouth Access
Vault of the Warrior
  • None
Terramorphous Peak
  • None
You may wanna put a note on this one that Terramorphus Peak is not required for the World Traveler achievement. I can confirm this as I got it as soon as I "discovered" the Vault of the Warrior. The Terramorphous mission doesn't even appear until after you beat the Warrior.
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