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well,i picked this game up the other day for 6 and ive not been in any rush to get started.sounds like ive found a bargain after reading here? interesting achievement list too! gona get cracking tonight

EDIT: fuck me this games awesome.just started chap 3 and apart from having to fight the same enemies over & over im engrossed! decent looking story,great visuals & environments.cant wait to upgrade my stats make combat more fun

EDIT: WOW! just beat the game on normal and have to say that was awesome! this one definately flew under my radar,still got all orbs to collect & hard playthrough but with the guide the orbs shouldnt be an issue & almost upgraded everything so my hard run shouldnt be too bad (oh rhino apart,he pissed me right off till i figured him out) oh loved the humour too between monkey & pigsy,brilliant! although i dont usually buy DLC i might make an exception with this

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