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I think I must be really lucky. Some people saying they took 10 hours on finding a chubby? First time I went through Wildlife Preserve I found one! Same with Jimmy Jenkins! Got myself into the mindset that I'd be here for hours farming the guy and the very first time I go into the room in the Specimen Maintenance Cell area with the loot bots, he popped out after opening the first box! So glad I don't have to grind out hours of my time opening boxes trying to find the guy, big relief.

Only thing I gotta do now is get about 100 more shotgun kills for Open Wide and for some reason I can't seem to find a singularity grenade, just got to Thousand Cuts and still haven't found one. Guess they start appearing often later on?

Edit: Never mind, turns out I had singularity grenades all along haha, got the 'cheevo and that's me only JUST getting to Opportunity now.
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