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Cool My tips and strategies for 'getting accross that road'!

For everyone stuck on the forest level mortar pit...
i recommend you go back to the beginning of the level, and go through it with out using any of your sniper ammo, you will need as much as you can get to get through that forest! i found that just sitting there, sniping them for ages, (seriously, you want to be doing this for at least 20 minutes) didint stop them coming, but it did thin them out. i recommend that your other weapon should be an mp40. basically, crawl prone through the forest with your mp40 out, hiding behind rocks trees etc. i stuck to the right side of the area, as there seemed to be more cover, but you could try the left side also.
When entering the bunker, please beware of the enemy soldiers inside! once you reach the mortar, slow and steady wins it! Dont get greedy!to aim the mortar, rotate your controller thumbsticks, both of them. operate the mortar for no more than about 2 seconds before leaving it and get ready for enemies who will come from the bunker and from the trees in front of you. you might also want to swap your sniper rifle for a kar98 as you can aim quicker and reload quicker. only when you are SURE you have a few seconds break should you use the mortar again. Note: you may also be able to use the mortar to hit enemies, but be careful! this can be difficult and will waste precious seconds you could spend hitting your target! once you hit your target 2-3 times (dont remember sorry, did this a while ago), you will have finished what i reckon is easily the hardest part of this game and one of the most frustrating levels of a fps game ive ever played! and... once you do finally get through it, SAVE AND QUIT! doesnt matter if you want to keep playing, save it and then load it up again. power failures do occur, and im sure you dont want to have to do this again!
Hope this helps everyone
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