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Originally Posted by Benny34 View Post
LoL scrub, i can see you are just a little kid so ill go easy mate, you play mw3 shitty graphics same engine from 12 years ago... lol mw3 horrible spawns, shit graphics, bad communtiy little 12 yo cry babies. lol most likely you, you prob suck so bad at bf3 thats why you cant play it. instead you play mw3 which is soo easy a mentally retarded kid can play that lmfao. lol mw3 takes no skill it rewards you for dying lmfao. all guns are laser beams and take no skill to use. actually thats all cod guns, i see you lack skill in big boy games continue playing games for little kids lmfao.
anyways i bet you're one of those, SWAG FAGS or 420 losers. aka typical cod kid lmfao.
Mmm hmm, mmm hmm.

I am still unclear on your thoughts on the beta.

You have played the beta, right?
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