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seems like a very long time ago I played it I cant remember it very well but the new CC has the same idea.

4 mantas 4 Walrus and the aim is to hack the command centre, the carrier has the same stuff that I remember, main gun, scout drones. New game has some extras Iv not fully explored yet.

This CC has 2 game modes, Campaign and Strategy, the stratagy map is the same as the original but imo it has less islands, you start off with half the islands the game has the other half, again Iv not fully explored this part of it.

Iv just finished the campaign map where it starts off with just you, in FPS with a rifle and builds up to you in the carrier with most of the carriers weapons.

The AI is bad and the map rez is very poor, its not easy to see where the road is sometimes and zooming in is no help at all but the actual islands are very well done, cliffs that the walrus cant climb so they need to go the long way onto a beach.

All in all its the same but not necessarily better in every way.

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