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Rogers87's Gamercard

Cleared Urban Chaos
Cleared the Steel Beast (Unlocked by completing two campaigns)
Cleared Mining the Depths (Unlocked by completing Leon, Chris, and Jake's campaigns)
Cleared the Rail Yard
Cleared the High Seas Fortress
Cleared the Catacombs (DLC)
Killed 120
Killed 100
Killed 70
Killed 40
Executed a 120-hit combo
Executed a 100-hit combo
Executed a 50-hit combo
Executed a 20-hit combo
Survived for 120 seconds
Survived for 90 seconds
Survived for 60 seconds
Survived for 30 seconds
Killed an enemy with a physical attack
Killed an enemy with coup de grace
Killed an enemy with a quick shot
Killed an enemy with a counter-attack
Destroyed a bonus item while sliding
Found a time bonus
Found all time bonuses
Found a combo bonus
Found all combo bonuses
Caused the hidden boss to appear
Defeated the hidden boss
Defeated the hidden boss during a combo chain
Finished off the hidden boss with a physical attack
Kill 150 enemies with a partner
Cleared the stage with a partner
Cleared the stage without taking any damage
Cleared the stage without the use of any skills
Killed an enemy using the stage surroundings
Cleared the stage without the use of any health items

I am the Evil Resident - If Zombies were real, they'd run from me!

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