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Agent Hunt

Hunt Successful (Win)
Hunt Failed (Lose)
Played as a Zombie
Played as a J'avo
Played as a Rasklapanje
Played as a Shrieker
Played as a zombie dog
Played as a Bloodshot
Mutated into a Strelats
Played as Mesets
Mutated into a Napad
Mutated into a Gnezdo
Played as a Glava-Sluz
Played as a Glava-Smech
Played as a Ruka-Srp
Played as a Ruka-Khvatanje
Played as a Ruka-Bedem
Played as a Telo-Eksplozija
Hit an agent with a thrown object
Sprayed acid on an agent (Have to be a Spitter)
Assembled 5 zombies by shrieking (Have to be a Shrieker)
Mutated two different body regions as a J'avo
Hid behind cover as a J'avo
Bit and lifted up an agent (Mutate J'avo with the Split Head)
Immobilized an agent with a sticky substance (Mutated J'avo with the Split Spider Head)
Grabbed an agent with an extended arm (Mutated J'avo that had his arm shot off which turned into a Giant Arm)
Blocked an agent's attack with a shield (Mutated J'avo that had his arm shot off which turned into a Giant Shield)
Stomped on an agent
Killed by an agents coup de grāce
Traveled over 1,000 meters in one session
Killed by an agent in a single attack
Attacked an agent being held by another creature
Killed by physical attacks
Killed a creature as a creature
Killed in an explosion
Played for 10 minutes
Finished a game without dying once
Killed by an agent 10 times
Finishing a round without taking any damage
Finishing a round in less than a minute
Finishing a round without damaging an agent (You have to win the round)
Finished the game without dying once

I am the Evil Resident - If Zombies were real, they'd run from me!
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