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Originally Posted by xD Rick View Post
Truly, my friend.
After playing it for 2 hours, I can say itīs the best kinect title so far, speaking of kinect controls.
At least the best Iīve played.
I wouldn't say it was the best Kinect game so far, I've had lots and lots of fun with both K-Sports titles, The Gunstringer & Eden.

But I've been playing this for over 6 hours now and it's still going which no other campagn based Kinect game can claim.

Did have a few sensor problems at the start, until I ditched the couch and sat on a dining chair. This has all but elimiated any initial problems the Kinect had with seeing my movements.

As for feeling betrayed, Fable III did that for me, the whole second half of that was just crap. Sitting around waiting for the rent to come in so I had enough gold to bail out the kingdom - Lame.

I'll reserve judgement on Journey until I've finished it, but all the concerns I had about the control system not cutting the mustard are all gone now I've played it.
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