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Originally Posted by Darkforce412 View Post
that makes alot of sense, u sound kinda like a doctor lol. OMG im so stupid, iv watched so many zombie movies and they always said if u get bitten you will turn. But it was always the infection of the virus that the zombies carried, but in this one its more realistic. thats pretty interesting, and thanks for replying so fast, it just bothered me for a while, thanks DOC lol.
No prob and no, I'm not a doctor I'm a baby lol
If you think about it, traditional zombie movies followed the same trend. The big difference is that the zombies carried the infection, not the case in The Walking Dead universe. Still though, it was never the bite that made people turn, it was always the infection that reanimated the body after the person died. Only in TWD's case, everyone is already infected.
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