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Originally Posted by ghsbe View Post
Yeah, it sure does boost stamina really quickly. In case you didn't see the glitch in the other thread (the guide) there is a quick way to increase all of the stats. Just get an animal like the dragon or something else that increases all stats and stand just far away enough to drop the animal in front of them instead of handing it to them. They will increase their stats but they won't use up the animal so you can keep doing it an infinite amount of times until you either get tired of it or you mess up (which does happen quite often). It's definitely useful. I didn't know about it until this time around with the game. I'm still working on my all S chao without breeding I still need to evolve it 10 more times.
yeah i know this glitch but it doesn't work for me sometimes because my stupid chao runs away or comes to me and take it >_<

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