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Originally Posted by ScottHarris View Post
Does anyone have any tips at beating that last Chao called flash in Chao Karate ? my stats are nearly maxed out and i am nowhere near close to beating it. I manage about 2-3 hits on it at most then he either knocks me out the ring or beats me by K.O.
I haven't started that yet but what I do know is that every time the chao reincarnates it keeps 10% of its stats. So if you level up everything to 99 then reincarnate you keep 10% of that. You can keep doing that until it reaches a threshold/peak of 326 then you can max everything again. This adds up to the highest possible stats of 3266.

Oh, and make sure your stats are all grade S. You can increase one grade at a time per life of a chao. So either you can do it the slow way (like me) and let it continually reincarnate while you train one stat at a time to make it increase in grade or you can do it with multiple chaos and then breed them. Breeding takes way less time because it takes the letters of the parents and gives the child letters between the two (meaning that if you have two all S chaos the baby will by default have all S stats). If you max out a stat at only grade C it's not going to be a very strong chao.

I've never made it that far in to the karate on the GC version so if you want actual fighting tips then I'm not your guy.

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