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Thanks for the great guide. I also found this helpful for getting the A rank achievement; if you go on the leaderboard for the stage you're struggling with, look at the LOWEST A ranked score there and compare it with the HIGHEST B rank score, that's the requirement you need to beat.

Handy tip, at the start of the level before joining with nights just spend ages roaming the level in human form, collecting as many points as you possibly can, don't go to Nights until there's hardly a single thing left you can do, then go straight for the ideya capsule then just keep doing laps around that mare, collecting as many links as you can until you have 10 seconds left on the clock. Keep an eye on that timer because you'll lose all your score if it reaches 0 and everything you did in that mere would of been for nothing. (Except for the canyon stage's final mare, if you can collect a ton of blue orbs and run out of time Just as your riding the long metal platform ride as Eliot, you'll stay on that ride for a good few minutes, letting you link up a lot of points, then when you finally fall off, everything you've collected will all fall into a tiny creek in the canyon, letting you collect it all at once and scoring a massive combo, then you can just wonder around the stage again in human form, collecting more points.)

Hope that helps.

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