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Originally Posted by theadvncd1 View Post
Just had a question about boosting in private matches. It says you can do so in the achievement guide I have the game for pc and xbox and two different gamer tags (mine and my brothers) can I sign one in on the xbox and one on the pc and make private matches and boost stuff like the ones that require 100 kills with different weapons kill 100 of the different races ect??
Unfortunately you need 3 players on each side for most achievements to unlock. Check other gamertags in the games you play, look for people with high gamerscores, ask them for help, this is how I finished off what was left in Shadowrun that I wanted, only missed out on the heavy defense achiv due to a glitch, and skipped the teleport and rocket achievements due to cheapness. 920 in the game, but no 10g for using Teleport 100 times, that's called: principle.

Anyway, again, just take the time to check some gamertags on your recent list and find some fellow boosters.
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