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Originally Posted by DuCLuX View Post
On another note, I have a friend, itz epic turtlz, he had a crisis or something, and spend ALLOT of money on packs. Don't ask him about that, but he needs to sell players, so send him message for players you need. Among his 3 Crosby cards he has a Malkin, Letang, Ovechkin, Nash, 3 Eberles, Hall and many more high end players. He has no legends, and won't part with Malkin, but if you need ANY other good players, he probably has it.
And he usually is fair with prices. He gave me a lethonen for free. (I know him, that is why I got the free card, don't expect handouts, just fair prices)
people like this is why i hate HUT. i guarentee this guy that he is mentioning is garbage at NHL. id bet this guy has spent well over two thousand dollars (real money) buying MS Points to acquire these cards! and these are the same people inflatting all the auction prices. weak!

people like this are not good at NHL13. they only win because they are using all of the best players. weak!

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