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Originally Posted by Steelstick View Post
I played Fable 2 and loved it.
I played Fable 3 and liked it.
I bought the first Fable and LOVED it.

Now this. Damn you Lionhead.

Almost the same as you.

Played Fable II, loved it.

Bought Fable: TLC on eBay, couldn't play it with my 4GB slim (thanks for the big F YOU Microsoft for not letting people know outright that the HDD wouldn't support Xbox originals) so I went out and got a HDD just to play it and enjoyed it a lot.

Fable III comes out, I spaz out like omg omg omg!!111, almost pre-ordered limited edition etc.. but didn't have the money. I buy it brand new at the store with some minor DLC content included in the box and I buy a limited edition Fable III controller with DLC freebies inside, was severely disappointed because it's predecessors being much muuuuuch better. I had a great time playing it and even bought the DLC when I noticed it was on special one day.

Fable: The Journey.. Kinect? First things first, it's junk and way over priced if you didn't get it with your 360 Slim as a bundle, even then it's probably been used the first few days on Kinect Adventures/Sports and collected dust since like mine has. The fact that they knew how disappointing Fable III was and they made a budget, time and members their studio develop this fully knowing the Kinect is terrible way to deliver a video game to the masses is absolutely mind boggling. At this point I'm about ready to blow off Fable IV entirely even if it does manage to see the light of day. Even if Fable II was amazing, Fable III didn't improve on anything and was riddled with even more game breaking bugs.


ps. I forgot to say I will be buying it for my girlfriend most likely because she loves the lore and the characters and all that as much as I do and I'm probably thinking it will be less painful easier to sit through the bad controls with her.
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