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Originally Posted by ghsbe View Post
For anyone that is curious I have discovered that you can place a chao behind the log on the right side of the hero garden and it won't be able to move around. This way you can idle and you don't have to worry about it eating and increasing stamina.
That's cool to know. SO if I can get the chao to just sit/stand there and not move, can I give it animals/Chaos drives without being too close to it? (As in the infinite animal glitch)

Originally Posted by Clavat93 View Post
@ Retrokiid90
thanks to these fruits the stamina of my chaos is lv99 xDDD <3
Did you leave yours on overnight? I haven't been in the hero garden like that. Im a fan of Dark Chao. But I will definitely try it with the chao that lives in heaven
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