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Originally Posted by BloodGodAlucard View Post
I hate when they force multiplayer into games that don't need it. So I think it will suck even worse than Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. If it's there, so be it. Hopefully Bioware are smart enough to learn from their own screw ups and not make it mandatory for completion/endings. I really don't understand why it's so hard for EA to comprehend that people play RPGs for a single player, story-driven experience. Most of us don't give a flying fuck about playing with other people. I say EA and not Bioware since it's their fault. They have gone on record of saying that they are going to put multiplayer into all of the games they publish. Why are they doing that? You might ask.

It's very simple. They invented the Online Pass. They want to put this thing into every game in existence. They want to do that so that they can screw consumers out of an extra $10 later. It's a non-issue for me since I buy all of my games new anyway. But I hate when bullshit like this takes resources away from the focus of the game. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars making tacked on multiplayer that almost no one wants, they should put that money to use on making the story, characters, environments, and gameplay as amazing as possible.

Couldn't have put it better myself, totally agree with you on this. very frustrating.
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