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Yeah. I hate it when people use good players on their team in hockey ultimate team. It Makes me so angry when they play the game right.
Lol jk, i can beat most people, good team or not, so I don't care. And if I can't, No point whining over it, just keep playing so you can earn the pucks so you can go buy the exact same team as him. Because you know you want them too, but sadly your not like me and my friend, rich and having nothing better to spend money on. Although I wouldn't spend what he did on it, he had his reasons which went deeper than wanting good cards on HUT. And either way, he doesn't play randoms online, he plays his friends and offline tourneys.
And inflating auction house prices? Why the hell would you not do that? I don't want to give Away my Lemieux for 25k because I shouldn't inflate auction house prices.

Ps. My friend isnt garbage. And anyway, Most people willing to spend that much are never garbage. I rarely see the OP team being run by an idiot.
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