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Originally Posted by Retrokiid90 View Post
That's cool to know. SO if I can get the chao to just sit/stand there and not move, can I give it animals/Chaos drives without being too close to it? (As in the infinite animal glitch)
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EDIT: Yup, works pretty well for that. You want to turn the camera so that it's facing your character's face and walk towards the screen. Otherwise, for me, it was hard to walk around because you start glitching out on the pillar lol.

They still move around a bit. What you want to do is put them at the narrow end of it (I just discovered it's really a pillar lol...) and stand in front of the wide end. They keep trying to walk through the pillar to get food or something but can't. You probably could do it there quite effectively because they generally stay in one spot... I've never tried. All I have used it for is stopping them from eating, but now that you mention it I think this would work for that as well.

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