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Originally Posted by Delow317 View Post
Why? I have already bought those games and are sitting on my shelf.. bought and paid for.. THAT'S WHY.

Boosting is for people who actually play the game "Smarter" and at a more productive rate as well. No need to spend 10x the amount of time it would take to do it legit.

Did you forget where you are at? This site is based around acheivements and boosting. LOL, get a grip and acknowledge it before coming off as the Minority of users on this website.. which you clearly are.

I love your childish assumptions an generalizations. Boosting for an online achievement has absolutely no bearing on someone's skill in playing said game. I remember boosting Bioshock 2 for a week, and after I was done, I played the MP for a month afterward legitly and I must admit, I got pretty damn good at the game and really enjoyed it as well.

You're assumptions and claims just don't hold up in a real world argument. Get a grip.
That doesn't necessarily make it "smarter". I would think anyone capable of figuring it out or grinding it on their own would be more admirable or smarter in a sense.

Boosting is a double edge sword. If you're constantly doing it, then you're really not earning full credit on truly earning it. That's just me though. I usually boost for something if A) It's overly frustrating to get on my own or B) I want a completion (or close to) and it's convenient.

Some games it's somewhat required to boost. Others it's an option. If you frequent the option more, then you're playing for fun. Not skill.
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