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Originally Posted by Bones007 View Post
Bro, you really ought to have someone proofread your stuff before you post it. How can anyone take you seriously if your opinions are expressed with more grammatical errors than 007 plot holes?
I'm not english. -.-

Originally Posted by Shadow Austin 317 View Post
Not trying to be mean but you post so much on this game and a huge bond fan you've got key info wrong plus you also stated you aren't getting the game on release. Now I understand $60 can be a lot but if your a big enough fan you could save the money or I can understand if you think the game is going to be bad but like I said you seem like a huge fun.
As a Bond fan I'm very interested in the game, but I wish it was better.
Anyway, this post was meant more to say that people are complaining about the wrong things.

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