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Originally Posted by ThousandCloud View Post
Just wondering if people are still after the co op cheevos as im looking to finish them off on expert
I have two slots left open in our Syndicate, though most of our members are off playing other games... I'm guessing some of those would be willing to boost out this game still, but I can't really say for sure... best bet would be to message some members in our roster and ask...

if you're interested in being a member of InfectedOmen [InO], hit me up here or throw me a message over LIVE... I'm still playing the game from time to time, and am glad to help out with most of the challenges (either through advice or Expert map runs), with the exception of Heals/Reboots... that one is going to tank my SPM even worse than it's tanked already... lol

anywho, hit me up if you want a spot!
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