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2 Deaths - 1 Gun – 10
Kill two enemies in the same room with a rocket in DOOM 3 Multiplayer

For this one, you must kill two DIFFERENT enemies in the same room at the same time with the rocket launcher. Usually one rocket may not kill both enemies, so it would be smart to wound them before firing or just keep firing rockets until you kill both together. This is basically just a double kill with the rocket launcher.

Refer to the last post of this guide on the best and quickest way to boost all the online achievements and refer to step four of the roadmap to find partners for boosting the online.


Below is a fool-proof way to obtain all six online achievements in no time.

You will need at least three players to successfully boost the online, and the achievements CAN be done in private matches. It would take a minimum of two matches for everything but 2 Deaths - 1 Gun. These ALL can be completed in under an hour.

So to begin, you will want to start up a private game on the map "Frag Chamber." Set the score limit to unlimited, and set the time to unlimited.

The first and quickest thing to do would be to take turns obtaining Crushed! (refer to the guide on how exactly to obtain the achievements).

After the chamber closes and re-opens, an invisibility power-up will spawn, thereby allowing progress for Ninja Killer. The power-up lasts roughly one minute or so. If you are quick, you can get two kills with one usage. To get the power-up to re-spawn, just keep opening and closing the chamber. During this time another player could be going for Crushed!.

Once that is done, head to the rocket launcher spawn (which is in the wide blue-walled room at the bottom of the stairs near the chamber) and proceed to obtain 2 Deaths - 1 Gun for each player.

Next step once the above three achievements are done, go back to the lobby and change the map to "The Edge 2." Once again, set the values for score and time to unlimited.

Allow each player to obtain the Telefragged! achievement by swapping out turns. So for instance, Player A goes into the teleporter, Player B goes in after and gets the achievement off Player A. Then Player C gets the achievement off Player B. Lastly, Player A comes back and gets the achievement off Player C. See how easy that was? If doing with this two players, simply cut out one of the players' moves.

After going through the teleporter, you will notice a Berserk power-up near you. Let each player get one kill by using the power-up to then obtain Berserked!. There is about a two minute wait for it to respawn, so be prepared to sit for a while.

We are at the last step! Change the map to any map (preferably the smallest map) and change the score to the lowest possible value and keep the time at unlimited. Let one player kill ONE other player until the score limit is reached. Two of you should have just gotten Clean Sheet. Now let a new match begin and then let the one player who was dying kill the two who just got it five times in total.

Now each player should be done with the online!

The Clean Sheet achievement could be mixed in with the others, but I find it would be best to hold it as a separate task to avoid confusion.

Nice work bLaKgRaVy and CurseofSamhain!


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Thanks to for the great top image!

Thanks to id Software for such an amazing game and franchise!

Thanks to the following individuals for their advice and additions to this guide (YT = YouTube username):
  • bLaKgRaVy (assorted help)
  • xD Rick (switching to fists)
  • Lord Vinny (RAGE logo location)
  • Minahjjang (assorted help)
  • xX GRIM R3AP3R (collectables spreadsheet)
  • Fergy2k8 (achievement desc fix)
  • DarkSephiroth (posted speedrun playlist)
  • Nevander (me)
  • Tim’s Doom 3 Pages (collectables guides)
  • Speed Demons Archive (speed run video)
  • runtstain100 (YT)
  • xirvin92 (YT)
  • AlanWilderDM (YT)
  • Dave6481 (YT)

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