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A Helping Hand - 15
Show your friends what you are doing in Adera using the Share charm.

While playing the game, take your mouse to the far top right corner of the screen to bring in the charms bar and click "share" (or use the Windows Key + H shortcut). Then select any of the available sharing options (ex. Mail or Skydrive). The achievement should pop without actually having to share your screenshot, so just back-out to the game. This achievement should not require an active network connect to unlock.

Aderan Paragon - 20
Complete all of Episode One without using the Hint button.

*MISSABLE* NEVER use the Hint button during your entire playthrough. This will make the game a tad more challenging, but not much. The game revolves around collecting "hidden items" and using them in the correct place to progress through the story. Objects with a little blue puzzle piece on them require the use of one of more objects to solve. The game gives you a fairly substantial clue just by clicking on these items with the blue puzzle piece on them. Most items that are definitely related to the story will sparkle making them easier to see. See the first section of the guide (Story Related Achievements) for some general solutions to the games many puzzles.

Focused Mind - 15
Solve all the minigames in Episode One without skipping.

*MISSABLE* There are many minigame puzzles throughout the game. Most of them are quite simple and just require a little thought to solve. After about one minute has elapsed into the puzzle, a "Skip" button will pop-up in the upper left hand corner of the screen. To earn this achievement, NEVER click that button and solve all the puzzles. This will unlock after completing the last minigame in Episode One and backtracking one scene.


The following 4 achievements are obtained by gathering all 45 collectibles in the game.

First Find - 5
Gather your first collectible.

See "Attention to Detail."

Amateur Collector - 5
Gather five collectibles.

See "Attention to Detail."

Zealot Collector - 10
Gather 40 collectibles.

See "Attention to Detail."

Attention to Detail - 20
Gather all collectibles in Episode One.

There are a total of 45 collectibles that need to be found in 9 different categories. Your collectibles do save across multiple playthroughs and only need to be found once. You can check which ones you are missing from the main menu under "Collections." Always check very closely around each scene and know what you are looking for (i.e. butterflies, small coins, plants etc.) A good tip for when you head into a side-scene (small zoomed-in area within larger scenes) is to continue looking until the game boots you back to the main scene (i.e. do not click the back button), which happens when you have found everything in that screen.

Click HERE for a guide with the locations of all the collectibles. It is recommended you play through once and find what you can on your own, rather than strictly following the collectible guide. You will find most on your own and going step-by-step through the guide can be unnecessarily tedious. Near the end of the game, or after completing the game and loading the final checkpoint, when all scenes are open to explore, you should use the guide to mop-up any collectibles you may have missed.


10/15/12 - Guide started and nearly complete.
10/16/12 - Added a link to the collectibles guide and also a walkthrough of sorts for the story based achievements.
10/20/12 - Added link to video playthrough thread made by Hentei009.
11/28/12 - Reduce the completion time in the Roadmap to 1.5-3 hours from 2-3 hours based on a tip. To finish in just 90 minutes, follow the guide and skip the cutscenes.

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