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Originally Posted by Onyxflamegod View Post
Really? 0-o
In my experience so far, (Halfway done with my RE6 Pro achievement) Pro is a cakewalk in 6. In RE4 there was stupid ass Ashley that was always being killed/kidnapped, causing continues. In 5, the AI never did what they needed to, especially on pro. Get hit one time on RE5 Pro, get put into fatal, ai player proceeds to keep shooting things. None of those things happen in RE6. The ai can't die at all from anything whatsoever, and when you are in fatal they drop everything to come help. Which in itself can be buffed with the field medic skill. That, and the damage is EXTREMELY lenient in RE6. And even then, there's the defense lv3 that cuts damage in half, and Breakout which makes the QTE's a joke as well. Hell I had more of a struggle playing RE4 on easy than I do on 6 on pro.
Professional is pretty easy, you just need to take your time, I currently still have Ada's Campaign left, I think Solo could be hard but I'm working on Emblems now.
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