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Hi guys

I am looking for one or two people to help me obtain the S+ rank on the final three levels of the game. I haven't attempted 6 and 7 but doing number 5 with the Hunters and the Tyrants are a pain. I have tried solo and multiplayer but just haven't managed to pull this off. I have a method in mind which would have worked if not for the AI.

If you are experienced with this (no noobs, sorry, this has got me killed multiple times and is frustrating) your help would be appreciated. I will return any others in kind ( I need XP so doing the other S+ ranks is not a problem. I already have these anyway so know what to do).

Gamertag is Skaos3010. If you fancy trying this then PM me on Xbox Live.

Resident Evil 6,Saints Row 2

If interested in boosting the above, send me a PM on Xbox Live.
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