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silent hill games are awesome

Silent Hill Downpour is okay, although it is not very scary. It is a short game, and I completed it in 2 days, I like the Otherworld parts of the game though, but I thought the storyline for this game was weak. This game is kind of a departure from the survival horror theme/genre.

This game is reletively easy to complete, except boss fights like fighting the bogeyman,on hard dificulty/hard puzzle difficulty was extremely hard for me. I got stuck there and eventually sold the game, although if I got past that then, I would have completed most of the stupid side missions that are only worth 5 Gamerscore. The difficulty in the game affects the location of puzzle items, that you need to find, and how difficult it is to beat a boss in the game. For example on easy difficulty, when I fought the bogeyman, I had a handgun, and lots of health, on hard dificulty I had a fireaxe, and barely any health, it was impossible. At least Silent Hill Homecing still has the creepy survival horror feeling, that game was slighty better, than Downpour.

I've started playing the HD Collection, myself so far it is good. If you like survival horror games then you'll like this series and resident evil among others.

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