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Originally Posted by Veedrock View Post
As much as people dog on this game, I loved the hell out of it, enough to get all the Medals (and thus achievements) and I plan to get the Very Hard DLC once I'm able to stream my gameplay. I encourage you to give it a legitimate chance, a lot of people quit after a few levels (or less!) but after you get acquainted with its, uh, "age" then you might like it too.

Then again, I'm a complete sucker for Sonic so I'm shamelessly biased
I am also a sucker for Sonic, but i genuinely do love this game. One of my favs. All the glitches and bugs people complain about i seem to have avoided. Maybe it's just people are simply not very good at the game so they are looking for a reason to hate the game. Just because it's not easy like the old Sonic games it doesn't make it rubbish.
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