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Originally Posted by Kunduz View Post
every doom is good doom
Originally Posted by TVthePunisher View Post
There's no arguing this point. QFT.
Bullshit. Watch me argue it:

Not only did I just argue it, I'm pretty sure I just won.

Oh wait, you say the movie doesn't count? Let me argue it again then:

Why the fuck would I buy that when I have the original Doom 3 release on PC, which is far more stable, isn't a watered down console port with barely any PC standard options editing (yes, Doom 3 BFG on PC is a port of the console version of BFG, thanks for that one id), can be updated with mods to provide even better graphics than the BFG edition offers, and can also have new campaigns provided by modders? What does the BFG edition have, an new 2 hr campaign? Not worth even the discount price of $20 that Steam offers me for owning the original Doom 3. So I still submit that I can argue the point and that I have won this argument. The PC version of Doom 3 BFG is bad Doom and id should be ashamed of themselves for it.

But hey, at least I get to keep my $20. If I want to replay Doom 3 with better graphics, I'll just download some mods since id fucking blew it so horribly.

Originally Posted by Nevander View Post
EDIT: Just downloaded and installed Doom 64 Absolution on my PC and it works nicely, oddly enough it only will run directly out of C Drive, any other directory causes a crash. :S

Check it out if you want, all you need is the DOOM 2 IWAD.
Eh, Absolution is all edited and stuff. Doom 64 EX is where it's at if you want an authentic Doom 64 experience: I used this when I couldn't get used to the awful N64 control map after buying an actual Doom 64 cart and it was fantastic.

Seriously, play Doom 64 if you haven't yet, that game is quite fucking awesome and far more worthy of the Doom name than that shitty movie.

Originally Posted by ViolentCabaret View Post
This guide continues to warm my heart and piss off my roommates. Thanks so much!
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