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It's not that bad guys...

I played through the whole game and the only issues I have are the length and replay-ablility of the game. I do wish it had a little longer story, especially considering the $60 price tag (which I didn't pay- thank you Microsoft pre-order). The only other issue I have is the fact that once the game is over, it's really over. I loaded up the finished game and it started me all over again with none of my levels or experience.

I thought the controls worked fairly well, especially the shard spell. Having to wave my hand to make the fireball took too long during the more intense enemy waves.

I mentioned a few other minor glitches in another post, but all-in-all I liked the game as a Kinect title. I really don't think this is the end of the Fable story. My guess is that Lionhead will continue the series without Molyneux and the next title will be an RPG with our new friend Gabriel as the guide to our hero.
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