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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Guide Completed

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Rights of Use:
This Achievement Guide and Road Map are the property of myself and x360a and are not to be used, in part or whole, by any other person or website without the written consent of either myself or an x360a admin.

The Pants Party (I used your rights of use)

Special Thanks to:
Thrawn83 (TA)
kellydee (TA)

+Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+Offline: 50/50
+Online: 0
+Approximate amount of time to 1000: 12 - 15 hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+Number of missable achievements: None!
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
+Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
+Glitchy achievements? None!
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? Kinect Sensor, Another person (optional)

Welcome to Harry Potter Kinect, this is an on-rails, minigame based, kinect game that will take you through the story of Harry Potter. During this game you will join Harry and his friends as they take on the adventures that await them while students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story of Harry Potter is put into a series of minigames that are all pretty straightforward. The game is pretty fun but will only keep you entertained for a short while. I wouldn't go out and buy this game unless you are looking for a fairly easy and quick 1000, or you are like me and are a huge fan of everything Harry Potter related and Kinect related, which in that case only makes sense that you try this out. If you follow this achievement guide and roadmap the 1000 should come in about 15 hours max.

Play through the Story:
This is where almost all of your achievements will come from, start the story in the Cauldron on advanced difficulty to save you from needing to play the game twice. Advanced difficulty is pretty easy and each minigame should be beaten with minimal hassle if you follow the guides below. Make sure you read the directions for each minigame while on the loading screens. This will take you about 10 hours max to complete.

Miscellaneous achievements:
After you finish the story you'll be at the main menu, swipe through the main menu and do the appropriate actions to get the achievements Song Specialist, Burning Day Bystander, and Familiar Face. Read the guides below to find out how to unlock these three achievements.

Blackboard Minigames:
In Dumbledore's Office, keep swiping over until you see the blackboard, select it. Start out by passing all ten potion classes taught by Professor Snape giving you the Potion Perfectionist achievement. Next, practice all seven spells available on the Blackboard. You will only need to successfully complete the spell one time then hold out your arms the appropriate way to finish and move on to the next spell. Doing this will unlock the Super Spell-caster achievement. Next, defeat the opposing wizard from each group of people to unlock the Duelling Demon achievement. After that, go back and face every possible wizard for the Duelling Dervish achievement. Read the achievement description below to find out everyone you need to face. Next, go to the dodging minigame and complete all four difficulties for it. It will be the same Willow Whiz minigame that was in the story, just at different speeds. Complete all four difficulties and you will unlock the Daring Dodger and the Ultimate Unlocker achievements.

Challenge Mode:
At this point you should only have four achievements left, the three challenge mode ones, and Character Collector. While in Dumbledore's office, go to his desk and select casual challenge's. Complete all of these for the Challenge Mode Casual achievement. Complete all of the advanced challenges for the Challenge Mode Advanced achievement. And finally complete all of the extreme challenges for the Challenge Mode Extreme and Character Collector achievements.

If you followed this achievement guide and roadmap you should achieve the 1000 pretty quickly and with minimal issues. The key for most of these minigames is just practice, practice, practice. The game for me ended up being a chore to complete pretty quickly but overall it was a decent game with easy achievements. For those of you who completed the game 100%, congratulations on your new 1000!

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