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Potions Pro 15
Ranked 5 stars in Potions Class

This achievement should be your first one, right in the beginning of your first year at Hogwarts you will play this minigame. It is the very first minigame, just keep replaying until you achieve all five stars on it. This is very easy, make your potion fast and efficiently, you will get the hang after a try or two.

Charms Champion 15
Ranked 5 stars in Charms Class

During year one of your stay at Hogwarts you will play the minigame in the charms class. Professor Filius Flitwick will teach you how to cast the spell Wingardium Leviosa. Keep replaying this minigame until you achieve all five stars on it, this is very easy and you will get the hang of it after a try or two.

Troll Trouncer 15
Ranked 5 stars in Troll Battle

This one is actually quite annoying, Hermione is stuck in the girls room with an escaped troll trying to kill her. You will dodge the attacks of the troll by ducking, jumping, and strafing left and right which is very easy once you understand the movements of the troll. Next you will throw blocks of wood at the troll, stick your wand up the trolls nose, and finally use the spell Wingardium Leviosa to drop the trolls own club on its head. Do well in each of those to achieve the five stars. This may take a little bit to get the hang of each one but just keep at it. The Wingardium Leviosa part is the worst one in my opinion, just cast it on the club and try to get it on your first cast, anything more will probably mess you up big time. This is also during year one and will be your third minigame.

Superb Seeker 15
Ranked 5 stars in Quidditch Match - Seeker

This is a fun, easy minigame where you play as the Seeker on the Quidditch team. You will play through Quidditch trying to catch the snitch to win the game. Just follow the glowing path behind the snitch and punch/kick the Slytherin opponents who get in your way while dodging the games obstacles. Reach out the grab the snitch when you can. Keep replaying this until you achieve all five stars. This is also during year one and will be your fourth minigame.

Quirrell Quasher 15
Ranked 5 stars in The Philosopher's Stone Chamber

This is the fifth and final minigame in year 1 of your journey through Hogwarts. This minigame is pretty easy, don't let to many keys hurt you while trying to find the correct one, catch the correct key, and burn Quirrell and Voldemort with your touch. It shouldn't take to many tries to achieve the five stars on this one.

Pixie Pesterer 15
Ranked 5 stars in Cornish Pixies

Now this one actually made my arm hurt after doing it a few times. First of all, you will be scored off of time remaining at the finish, how many potions you dodges, and how fast you helped Neville. The trick is to wave your arm sideways to hit the pixies, not vertically. When you need to help Neville, wave your arm horizontally back and forth as fast as possible. Ignore avoiding the potions and focus on getting as many pixies as possible. I got a 100 in helping Neville, a 100 in time remaining, and a 54 in dodging potions and got the 5 stars. This the first minigame in year 2.

Greenhouse Guru 15
Ranked 5 stars in Mandrake Repotting

This is the second minigame in year 2. This one is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The first round just replant the agitated Mandrake Roots. The second round, water the wilted ones and replant the agitated ones. The third round you need to water, replant, and stop slug infestations. Once you see slug infestation come on your screen go fix that as soon as possible. Do each round as quickly as possible and you should achieve five stars fairly easy.

Definitive Dueller 15
Ranked 5 stars in Duelling Club

During this minigame, you will fight against Harry's rival, Malfoy. The easiest way to do this is to keep your shield (Protego) up the entire time. Dodge his attacks even when you have your shield on because you will be scored on movement as well. Try to be accurate with your spells when you do cast them though, because you are graded on that as well. I got a 56 on accuracy, a 100 on movement, and 96 on avoidance, and that got me the five stars. This minigame is in year 2.

Basilisk Basher 15
Ranked 5 stars in The Chamber Of Secrets

This is the last minigame for year 2. This one is very easy once you understand what you are doing. The first section you will be running from the Basilisk. He will strike on the side his head is on, so if his head is to the right, go left. For the second part, the Basilisk will be blind, he will strike whichever direction you are standing. I found the best way to do this is to lean to the left or right, then switch sides right before he strikes you, then get in as many swings with your sword in as you can. Never lead the Basilisk to strike you in the middle, you will probably get hit, so always have him strike to the sides. I never got hit by him once, so I got a 100 in all three categories at the end, giving me the five stars.

Willow Whiz 15
Ranked 5 stars in The Whomping Willow

This is the first minigame for year 3. All you need to do is duck or jump for the swinging branches part. And for the branching slamming down at you, just dodge left or right. Very easy minigame. You will be scored on health, avoidance, sidestepping.

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