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Rat Remover 15
Ranked 5 stars in Catch Scabbers

This is the second minigame in year 3. Just spin around and cast spells everywhere to get time from all the objects that can give you extra time, you will be scored on that. Use sounds to find where the rat is and cast the spell on him as quick as possible.

Dementor Defeater 15
Ranked 5 stars in Battle The Dementors

Wow this one was a pain in the butt for me. For the first part you will use your wand to repel the Dementors as they fly at you, they get faster and faster each round so watch out, just keep an eye out for them, that's really the only tip I can give you. For the second part, make sure you use your mini-map in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Make sure you lean during this part, don't move your entire body. I ended up scoring a 92 for Dementors slowed, a 100 for Dementors repelled, and a 50 in health remaining and got the five stars. This is the last minigame for year 3.

Stellar Swimmer 15
Ranked 5 stars in Triwizard Tournament Second Task

This is the first minigame in year 4. This is very fun and easy. Just swim until you reach the Merpeople. They attack the ones coming at you by waving your wand towards them. You will see water jet from them once they start to come at you. Then dodge them once they all start charging at you. At the end you will need to attack the Merpeople and in your spare time cast the spell at the ropes of Ron and Gabrielle until the number reaches zero and then float up. Hurry though, you will run out of air if you don't do this quick enough.

Maze Master 15
Ranked 5 stars in Triwizard Tournament Third Task

This is the easiest mingame so far. Just jump, duck and dodge the mazes obstacles. Pretty straight forward, I scored a 100 in all three categories on my first try. This is the second minigame in year 4.

Hangleton Hero 15
Ranked 5 stars in Harry vs Voldemort Duel

This one is a little bit difficult but once you get the hang of it it shouldn't be to hard. Switch spells to try to hit him with each once because you will be scored on variety. Its hard to see the arm motions, but in the bottom left hand corner is the arm motion to make to switch. Be as accurate as possible but dont worry to much on it, I got five stars with only 56% accuracy. Also dodge and use your shield spell as much as possible. This is the third and final minigame for year 4.

D.A. Defender 15
Ranked 5 stars in Room of Requirement

This is the first minigame for year 5. Just hit the appropriate dummies as they pop up, don't hit the dummy of Neville. There are three rounds. You should be able to get this one with a little bit of practice, The main thing is to hit the flying Dementors for 500 points, and don't hit any Neville dummies and you should get the five stars. Also be as accurate as possible.

Veil Room Victor 15
Ranked 5 stars in Ministry of Magic Death Eater Battle

This is the second minigame for year 5. You will battle a handful of "Death Eaters", just make sure you switch to use each of your spells, use your shield spell whenever possible. And be as accurate as you can. You should get this is a few tries. I thought the best combo was using levicorpus to make them float, then immobilize so keep them in mid air, then incendio spell as much as possible while they are floating.

Ministry Maestro 15
Ranked 5 stars in Dumbledore vs Voldemort Duel

This is the final minigame for year 5. Fight the same as every other duel, make sure you use each spell, avoid the attacks using your shield spell. When you see Harry sneaking up to your left use your hand to push him back. When Voldemort spawns a flaming snake use your hand to swipe back and forth to get it away, then raise your hands upward to spawn water and throw it down on top of flaming Voldemort. You should get five stars on this pretty easily.

Quality Keeper 15
Ranked 5 stars in Quidditch Match - Keeper

This is the first minigame for year 6. You will play a Quidditch match as Ron for this one, protect the goal and use your body to block the oncoming Quaffle balls as they try to score on you. The first round will be only Quaffle balls, during the second and third rounds they will throw cannon ball looking balls at you, dodge these. You will be graded on skill, dodging, and agility. I had a lot of issues with agility and I still am not quite sure what they mean by that, but I found you can get a better score in agility if you stand stationary and only use your arms and lean towards each ball instead of jumping and moving your feet while playing. I got five stars with a 91 in skill, 89 in dodging, and a 59 in agility.

Inferi Interceptor 15
Ranked 5 stars in The Locket Horcrux

This is the second minigame for year 6. For this one you will need to spin around to cast stupify on each Inferi coming at you. Hold them all off keeping as much of your health as possible. You have a minimap with the Inferi locations on it that will work as long as you have light, if your light goes out raise your hand opposite your wand hand. Hit one far away because you will be graded on furthest hit, its an instant 100 for that category if you do so. You can afford to be bit twice by an Inferi and still get 5 stars as long as you get a 100 in the "longest shot", and "Inferi hit" categories.

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