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Potter Precluder 15
Ranked 5 stars in Snape vs Harry Duel

This is the last minigame of year 6. This minigame was tough for me until I got the hang of it, you will use your wand hand to block all three waves of Harry's spells at you. They will get faster and faster so you need to do the same. Try to hit as many as possible because you will be graded on that, get hit three times and you need to start all again. You can dodge the spells, so if you need to just start strafing and hitting the spells, I thought it was easier to stand still the majority of the time though.

Café Contender 15
Ranked 5 stars in Luchino Caffe Duel

This is the first minigame of year 7. You will need to fight two Deatheaters in a coffee shop, duck anytime there is a spell coming at you because you wont be able to use your shield spell. Make sure you use every spell, and make sure you change spells while ducked down behind cover. First you will fight the guy to your right, then the guy to the left. Use Hermione's distractions whenever possible because they will help you out for a good 15 seconds or so.

Vault Voyager 15
Ranked 5 stars in Journey to the Lestrange Vault

This is the second minigame of Year 7. You will need to lean into each corner, make sure you hold it till you know the corner is done, some turns will be complete circles so watch out. Jump and duck when debris is on the track, and when you see a red a green flashing light lean the other way, you can put your cart back down once you pass the green light.

Bridge Bester 15
Ranked 5 stars in Destroy the Bridge

This is the third minigame of year 7. This minigame is very similar to the Maze Master achievement during the Triwizard Tournament, just jump and duck at appropriate times, and move left and right to avoid the fires. When you turn around cast spells as fast as you can to hit the Deatheaters before they cast a spell at you. There will be three waves, each a little harder. Overall this achievement is pretty easy.

Snake Slayer 15
Ranked 5 stars in Nagini Battle

This mingame is the fourth of year 7 and is the is probably the shortest minigame so far. For the first part throw the rocks as fast as you can at Nagini's head, next dodge the snakes attacks by just hopping from left to right and avoid the center, you can tell which way Nagini will strike because he will tilt his head that way. Next use your dominant hand to hit Nagini with the sword as soon as you can, this will affect your score so make sure to move your arm towards the snake as soon as possible.

Voldemort Vanquisher 15
Ranked 5 stars in Voldemort Finale

This is the final minigame for the story line of this game. It is not hard, and is the same as every other duel you have had, at the beginning crawl with your hands as fast as you can to get your wand, then just fight as normal, make sure you use every spell, use your shield whenever you need to. And overpower Voldemort when your spells collide. This shouldn't cause any issues, and if you passed every other duel, you should be able to get this one pretty easily as I got it on my first try.

Casual Conqueror 15
Completed the Casual Difficulty Mode

See "Advanced Ace" for more information.

Advanced Ace 50
Completed the Advanced Difficulty Mode

You will unlock this achievement and the Casual Conqueror achievement once you complete every minigame on this difficulty, make sure you set your difficulty to advanced at the beginning of your game.

Year One 20
Completed Year 1

This will unlock by just playing through the game, you cannot miss this achievement if you are playing through the entire game. This will unlock after completing the "Philosopher's Stone Chamber" minigame.

Year Two 20
Completed Year 2

This will unlock just playing through the game, you cannot miss this achievement if you are playing through the entire game. This will unlock after completing the "Basilisk Basher" minigame.

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