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Originally Posted by O2DAZ81 View Post
just picked this game up and I absolutely love it...... but I've been having trouble finding people to play co op with. none of my friends have this game or if they did at one point, they dont anymore. so i figured i'd post on this thread. looking for a syndicate to join and partners to play with. send me a message if interested.
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I have one more space, most of our members have gone the way of your friends and aren't playing it anymore... however, I know several of them are from here, so I assume the drive for cheevos could drag enough of our roster back into the game...

I must admit that as of late, I haven't been as active as I'd like to be... it's changing though, as I have a bit of a thing going with another person on the leaderboard... we've traded 2nd and 3rd a few times now, and I think he's got the leg up on me currently...

that said, I'll be looking to be on there more during weekdays, during the day... I'll also start working up a list of people who are wanting to be active to at least get cheevos going for some... I'm already maxed on it, but I'm not really an avid hunter... I just really love the game...

hit me up here or toss me a FR on LIVE... I'll recognize the name and throw a Synvite once I get in there... I'm almost always here, but most of the time lurking... the wife is a kindergarten teacher and I hate to subject her to a ton of noise with gaming and a mic after she's spent all day in a classroom... lol
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