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Bitching Thread: BFG Edition

Every game's gotta have one, this one's no exception.

1. Controller mapping AWOL

What the fuck is this shit?!? In the Xbox version, there were more controller configurations, plus you could map your weapons to the d-pad. So I can only run by holding down the left thumbstick ( no toggle option either )? What if I need to get the fuck outta there? This is really inconvenient when trying to melee zombies to save ammo, because you're almost guaranteed to be hit, killing the purpose of using melee in the first place. It's also harder to duck under Imp fireballs because of this.

This is really disappointing. I would've expected Id to include mapping your own controls. Well I guess this is Id's way of saying "fuck you" to the console gamers and why I'm getting a gaming pc next year.

2. No co-op in Doom 3

The Xbox version had it, so why throw it away? This makes the pc version superior in this aspect. I was kind of looking forward to playing co-op with other people, especially since I've never really played the pc version. Thanks for another middle finger to the console gamers Id.

3. Only 600 GS

Really? You lazy fuckers couldn't use that muscle inside your fucking skulls to come up with other achievements for the 360 version? No "A" in effort for you bitches.

4. Can't play Doom 1 or Doom 2 if installed to the HDD

Don't really give a damn since I have it on pc.

5. No Final Doom or Doom 64 as extras or unlockables

The first two games are everywhere, so why would they put them in this edition for the 50th time? Are they saving Final Doom or Doom 64 for the collector's edition of Doom 4 or something?

All that shit aside, it's a badass game.
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