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1) I don't like the fact that there isn't a melee button at all; you have to switch to your fists in order to melee. What is that? Hasn't id played any games after 2005? You can't melee with your shotgun?!?

2) Yeah, and I agree on the controller mapping. The Options menu is *extremely* limited. I know you have to press Y to activate things in the game, but every FPS made after 2005 has Y to swap weapons. I can't tell you how many times I've pressed Y to swap. Get with the times, id. Even Halo has the option to either toggle or hold the RS to crouch. Having crouch as the RS is very awkward. And no aiming down the sights?! They could have at least updated that! There's an option to turn on or off auto-aim, but I don't think it even exists in this game! Set the flashlight to the D-pad or something and have LT as aim. Seriously.

3) Unskippable cutscenes, yeah, that's really annoying, especially if you are taking your time but want the under 10 hour achievement. The cutscenes are included in that time. I know in some games, after you complete it, you can skip them the second time around. Has anyone verified you can do that?

4) I don't mind that there's no co-op. If they had thrown in co-op, it would have likely disabled the achievements just like Doom 1 and 2. Plus, playing by myself gives me the atmosphere I want in this game. No offense to anyone, but having someone else with me would ruin that for me, but nowhere does it say I *have* to play co-op. The game really should have given the option for those who want to do it.

5) As for 600gs, it's been explained why it's only 600, and I could care less. I'm not playing this game solely for gamerscore, I'm a fan of Doom and wanted to play it in HD on a TV as I never played the inferior Xbox version. If Doom 1 and 2 had been download codes, the game most likely would have been 1000gs, but since they were included on the disc, the *full disc* can only be 1000gs, and since they are both already 200, that only leaves 600 for Doom 3. It's a tradeoff I can live with. Still, would have been better if they were download codes...

6) I don't mind that Final Doom, Master Levels or Doom 64 aren't included in this, because this is the definitive id Software-developed series of Doom games. Those other three were developed by others, which is why they're not included in here. It would have been nice, but I, as I'm sure many others, still have these on their PC. I'm fine loading them up there if I want to play them.

7) Installing Doom 1 and 2... I don't care. I don't install my games (don't have the space), and I still have the XBLA versions. I'd just as soon load those up if I want to play them.

8) I don't like that sometimes when you go through a door, that's it, you can't go back, at all. This isn't a 360 thing, though, it's a PC thing. I know to go back, you aren't advancing the story, but would it really hurt for me to go back 5 rooms to get more ammo or armor or health? In Half-Life, you could technically go all the way back to the beginning of the game even if you were at the end. Halo, CoD, Battlefield, MoH, they all pretty much let you go back to the beginning of a level if you want to. Is 2004 so long ago that you can't do that? Hell, you could do it in Doom 1 and 2 to an extent. I know this game is structured differently, but sealing off a door in the same level you are in? Not cool.

9) I don't like the fact that there aren't chapter selects in case you miss a collectible. Same as Rage; if you miss one, you have to replay the entire game. Stupid, just stupid.

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