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Nope, there's only "Continue", "New Game" and "Load Game". Sucks.

Yeah, that crane "game" sucks. Way to slow down an FPS when your whole series is based on moving and shooting anything that moves. I knew there was that "Dispose" button, but getting the crane exactly above the barrel is frustrating, even though there's a screen on the right that says "Lock On" or something. And that moving platform section in 'Communications Transfer'? I know they wanted to include some kind of interaction, but really? I had to look at a walkthrough to find out what to do.

I just read on Penny Arcade that the flashlight no longer casts shadows and your gunfire doesn't light up a room. To be honest, I hadn't noticed (since I never noticed them originally, either). If they were in the original PC version, why the hell would id take them out?

Oh, and I forgot, the monster closets?!? What the hell is that? Some Imp is sitting in a 2x2 wall just waiting for me to walk by, the wall opens and he attacks me? WTF is an Imp or a zombie doing enclosed in a fucking wall? How did they get in there? And enemies attacking me from behind in an area I just cleared? I HATE that!

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