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Originally Posted by bLaKgRaVy View Post
Yeah, that crane "game" sucks. Way to slow down an FPS when your whole series is based on moving and shooting anything that moves. I knew there was that "Dispose" button, but getting the crane exactly above the barrel is frustrating, even though there's a screen on the right that says "Lock On" or something. And that moving platform section in 'Communications Transfer'? I know they wanted to include some kind of interaction, but really? I had to look at a walkthrough to find out what to do.
That one where you have to move the crane, climb over, and drop down really annoyed me. I never figured out how to get across there without fall damage, and when you get there with 19 health, that's a bit of a problem! I think I had 9 health when I finally made it across on Nightmare. Pissed me off.
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