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Please help me find the last 1% of my collection

Firstly, let me apologise for making a new thread. I know there is a thread stickied for this sort of thing but it seems to be dead and I want to maximise my chances of getting a response!

I am stuck at 99% and have spent a lot of time searching for my last few items. I will list them here and hopefully someone will be able to help me - even if you just know what map to get these on, it would help alot.

Oh well, here goes:

New Disposable Camera (Electronics)
Bath House (Hot)
Smokestack (Industry)
Twin Rocks (Symbols)
Cockle Island (Nature)
Underwater Castle (Fantasy)
Samoa (World)

Just to confirm, I have NO DLC and just want to point this out.

Hopefully someone out there can help!

Thank you in advance
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