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Originally Posted by Robbo1991 View Post
Does have anything to do with showing the achievements on here, but my achievement list on xbox live hasnt updated it still says 15/15?
DELETE then Recover your Gamer Profile. You will need to know your WLID e-mail and password to recover your Gamer Profile.

Make sure to choose the option to ONLY delete your Profile and NOT the associated items like your Gamesaves. A World Of Keflings is more than likely going to be your 1st listed game and even if you quickly press Cancel, you can lose those saves. Happended to me.

You'll probably have to re-EARN any Acheivements that didn't get properly unlocked. I just had to do this because of the Zombiesaurus DLC cheevos NOT unlocking properly because I received early access to that DLC.
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