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Originally Posted by bob101910 View Post
The goal is to prevent them from getting to the next area. You lose if they do.

I do think you should get skill points. It is fun inviting a friend and going on an Agent Hunt. Much more fun with a friend helping you kill the agents.
I definitely agree with you saying the stuff about the goal being to prevent them because otherwise if you could just keep going with them throughout the entire chapter it could be too easy for them if they are really good or if you annihilated them and they kept continuing you would just be endlessly destroying them. It would be great if you get skill points, the only problem i see is possible boosting if it was based on damage or something or other. Me and my brother play a lot of games together and agent hunt is a whole lot of fun when you are working together. I remember a couple of times we were on opposite teams though but it was fun still.
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