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RAGE was an incredibly gorgeous game and fun to play, but was incomplete.

The way the game ended, it was almost like they got bored and just said, "Just wrap it up and ship it."

I know they had greater ambitions than what was realized in the final game and they just simply ran out of time, but, considering they have yet to release the DLC to legitimately wrap it up (and probably never will), the game is much like that XBLA title Hydrophobia: It just ends. It's more than jarring for the player after having spent so much time playing through an awesome/gorgeous experience. When you get the BFG, you immediately anticipate some epic boss... to just have run of the mill enemies thrown at you in a very short final level. Anti-climatic is really too kind a term to use for this game. It was a major letdown for me considering I had been following it for 4+ years prior to it's release.

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