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One thing I would like to see is more humor like in the first game. I know that there is a good deal of it in the second but doesn't seem as funny to me.

Also. No. Flame thrower would be annoying as all in versus. Other weapons, fire and such can be avoid. But if someone was to hold onto it and just use it on specials it would make it hard to win against that team.

I can understand how people do like that they can just pick this game up and play it. But I still would like to see something like a Gears or CoD leveling system.
Could be done with exp for each kill. Then bonuses for the loading screen rewards. Most kills, most tank damage, most special kills, most damage to witch, or witch avoider if the whole team avoids the witch that level. And even better medals and exp for the end of the campaign rewards.
This could be used for unlockables. Like special weapon skins. Or unlocking the previous survivors.

Would be kind of cool if the characters got better with a weapon based on how much you use it. But think this would need a down side. Like if you don't use a weapon much you get worst with it.

I would also like to see new survivors. And new infected. No ideas on either.

Plus fixing the issues with controls of the old infected. Third person would be better for some of them. Jockey and hunter mostly.
However I rather the jockey be gone all together.

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